Summer Construction Brings Big Changes for Fall 2012

September 23, 2012 9:19 pm0 comments

Brace yourself for an entire new campus! Over summer break, new facilities, classrooms, student break rooms, and even a field were all added to and upgraded on Arcadia’s campus.

Student athletes will be introduced to a new sprinter field, in which the grass is much greener, outlined, and lit for those games that run late. They will also be surprised to see a pavilion built on the new field that will serve as a bathroom and break area.

Remember the old chat located near the dining hall? It was completely transformed into a lecture room, as well as a black box theater. Split in two, professors will now be able to reserve the room for classes while students rehearse for performances.

Professors will be happy to know that the game room located across from the old chat was converted into a 40 person classroom, meeting area and conference room.

Brubaker and Boyer Halls also received a complete makeover. Implemented into Brubaker’s layout were new rooms that were enlarged for the Physical Therapy department and copy rooms open to students and faculty. The basement of Boyer Hall was gutted, destroyed, slaughtered by construction. It was renovated, in which new wood, math, spider, research, physical therapy and microscopic laboratories were all set in place. The psychology department received a makeover with new and upgraded classrooms, office suites, and a student break area. A total of 9 classrooms were added on the second and third floors of Boyer, as well as a new chemical storage space.

Arcadia’s main campus was not the only priority during summer construction. Oak Summit was also renovated. Students will be introduced to a new parking deck, which should reach completion in a couple of weeks. They will also find apartments added to the buildings and a new fire sprinkler system in Building C.

Construction on campus made it rather inconvenient for parking. Vehicles were not able to turn left when arriving at the main entrance on Easton Road due to the building of the new field and pavilion. Trucks blocked roadways and entrances, forcing drivers to find clever ways to get to their destinations.

Although the construction may have inconvenienced quite a few people, it was all for the greater good of Arcadia’s community.


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