Eastern State Penitentiary’s “Terror Behind the Walls”

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Everyone by Caitlin Welge, Flickr.

Everyone by Caitlin Welge, Flickr.


Rated one of the top best haunted houses in America, Eastern State Penitentiary wowed the public again as the creatures of the night came to life. Open most nights from September 21st to November 10th, Eastern State charges $40 at the Front Gate, but offers discounts when tickets are bought online. Waivers are required to enter, demanding signatures on a legally binding agreement that acknowledges the potential risks and hazards of the haunted house. As a note to all families, those who would like to bring children should attend the event on Sundays when children in fear are allowed to tell the actors, “Monster, be good.”

The experience was a thrilling nightmare. The actors were committed to their roles, scaring those in fear and never breaking character when the only reactions they could provoke were laughter. The penitentiary was decked in flashing lights, enormous clouds of fog, and mysteriously darkened spaces. With a mental hospital as its theme, the infamous prison had numerous rooms and halls of cages with ludicrous patients standing still until one neared enough for them to pound the walls and reach out unexpectedly. The theme was remarkably accented with sharp, rusted medical tools, bathing chambers with free standing tubs filled with reddish water, cadavers covered by a sheet in the morgue, and an infirmary. Screams echoed throughout the hallways at random intervals as people were terrified by the living dead jumping out of the shadows.

One room of interest was an unattached pathway, allowing the walls to spin in a sphere like motion. Neon paint in splotches made those who passed through dizzy as it enveloped them in a barrel. Other rooms of interest were cellblocks with walls that were peeling, brown rusted metal bed frames, and disgustingly appearing toilets. A hallway that instilled much fear was one with no choice of turning back. Highly foggy and darkened, the hall had numerous patients hanging from the walls, convincingly posing the question, “Prop or Real?” There was only one way to find out, in which one guest ran through screaming, in order to avoid the, perhaps, real patients coming after her.

The actors were uniformed properly, resembling security guards, doctors, nurses and patients. Their faces were plastered in makeup, creating the illusions of deep gashes, streams of blood, and injured ligaments. Despite their so-called injuries, they could move at fast speeds and yell tremendously while banging on the bars of their cages.

Terror Behind the Walls remains a very successful haunted house and is highly recommended to fear junkies and big talk Halloween critics.


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