There For Tomorrow at The Barbary

October 6, 2012 8:01 pm0 comments
There For Tomorrow by Allie Dearie, Flickr.

There For Tomorrow by Allie Dearie, Flickr.

The crowd went wild as There For Tomorrow promoted its most recent album The Verge. Released in June of 2011, the 4 member boy band rocked The Barbary in South Philadelphia on Wednesday, October 3, 2012. Set in an intimate setting of, perhaps, no more than 40 attendees, There For Tomorrow and the headlining bands walked amongst the crowd, snapping pictures and chatting with fans. The headliners consisted of Set It Off, Divided By Friday, and Modern Suits. Advertisements of the original tour dates included Deaf Havana; however, fans were surprised to not recognize the lead singer, or the guitarists and drummer, in James Veck-Gilodi of Deaf Havana’s time slot. The unsigned Modern Suits took the stage and gave a good performance. Although the performance could have been tweaked here and there with more movement and passion, the headliner did a great job introducing its music to the Philadelphia region.

Divided By Friday played after Modern Suits with Set It Off bringing out the talent saved best for last. Divided By Friday hyped the crowd with its stunning performance as Jose Villanueva poured his love for pop and rock into his singing. Drew Howard was impressive as well with his enthusiastic strokes of his guitar and flipping of his dreamy yet entirely too long hair as he headbanged to the beat.

Cody Carson of Set It Off shocked the crowd with the deliverance of a flawless performance. Impressed by his vocals and unrestricted movements, Cody completely succumbed to the music, throwing his arms up in rage and darkening his screams as he sang “Freak Show” and “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.”

Although the headliners gave very impressive performances, the crowd began to resemble a small mob of people when Maika Maile of There for Tomorrow appeared on stage. The band’s “Hunt Hunt Hunt” and “The Joyride” pleased the audience; however, the familiar songs of “Deathbed” and “Wish You Away” gave rise to conjoined voices singing along in the audience. The performance ended with There For Tomorrow’s well known song “A Little Faster,” sending the crowd into a crescendo of screams. Fans were more than satisfied with the event, exclusive pictures and conversations with the talents, and the cliché, “He touched my hand!”


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