First Friday Opens the Streets to Art Lovers

November 5, 2012 11:22 am2 comments
First Friday, Philadelphia, PA by Ruth Debard..., Flickr.

First Friday, Philadelphia, PA by Ruth Debard…, Flickr.

Art lovers stormed the streets with excitement as First Friday showcased the talents of different artists. Held on the first Friday of every month between 5 to 9 p.m. in Old City, Philadelphia, this event brings together different paintings, sculptures, and photographs of artists everywhere. Collaboratively working together, approximately 40 galleries open their doors to invite wandering eyes to take a gander at the paintings featured this month. Located between Front, Third, Market and Vine Streets, these galleries include Clay Studio, Nexus, Muse, Highwire, the Temple and 3rd Street. Artists, such as, Renee Foulks, Ruslan Khais, Michael Bartmann, Alfred Ortega and many more were featured this month of November.

For those with a knack for fine art, some outstanding pieces were painted by Rhea Dennis. Featured in the 3rd Street Art Gallery, Dennis’ Third Day and From My Hands to the Wind lit up the space with their use of color and natured theme.

Ukrainian painter Edward Yashin’s Red Dress was featured in the Dalet Gallery. Some of his other works that are quite intriguing are Tall Building, Girl in Window, and Building Red 2.

The action was not just in the galleries, but outside them as well. Along the streets in the vicinity surrounding Market, people set up tables to sell handmade jewelry, scarves, and independent artwork. Mellow music echoed throughout the streets with small bands playing their instruments. Little food trucks offered free health bars to attendees. A yellow school bus served as a decoy for an art gallery. Inside the bus were displays of eye glasses and apples. Just outside of the bus was a free photo booth for picture lovers.

Coming highly recommended, First Friday is a great event and deserves a visit.


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