What’s the problem with commuters?

March 7, 2013 11:47 am0 comments
SEPTA Main Line, Wikipedia.

SEPTA Main Line, Wikipedia.

Arcadia University is no Penn State; however, it is filled with different activities and events planned every week for students to interact with the campus community. How about the commuters? All of Arcadia’s student body is clearly invited to participate in offered events, but do students who commute feel that they are more of obligations rather than loads of fun?

Speaking as a fellow commuter, the air must be cleared that commuters find it more challenging to integrate their lives from off campus to on campus. It is not uncommon for a student who does not live on campus to attend classes, go to work, if he or she is a part of work-study, and then head home. Grabbing lunch with friends is hardly even a thought when one’s schedule is more so located at home rather than a dormitory or Oak Summit Apartment.

This is not to say that students who commute have more packed schedules than boarders. Boarders partake in attending classes and going to work as well. However, boarders have the luxury of looking across the room or walking down the hall to chat with friends after they are finished studying for tomorrow’s exam. Unless commuters do homework in Arcadia’s library or any other building, they find themselves on campus less than the average student.

Committing to a university is very tiring, in which students want to relax in the comfort of their own space, hence the reason why commuters resemble that of ghosts. They make an appearance and then disappear until they are obligated to return. Once they settle down at home, finish studying, and take that overdue 15 minute nap, they do not have any desire to jump back on transportation or in their cars to spend even an hour with their friends.

Texting even comes to a slow stream or a halt. No one wants to continue to blow off her friends saying that she’s busy when really she’s just too tired or not up for the ride.

Silence while video chatting becomes more of a habit. This is more thoughtful than rude. Commuters need to finish homework and will not have time to return to campus to hang out. So, what do they do?  Wanting to be with friends, the commuter will schedule a study session over Oovoo or Skype. They will sit in silence and do their homework while the friend on the monitor will do the same. Then what exactly is the point of video chatting? Simply, they want to feel a part of the community and see their friends without actually having to set back their busy day.

So, don’t feel like they are ignoring you or blowing you off! Offer to video chat while doing homework and it is guaranteed that you will see more of them rather than just a wave from across campus.


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