Fall Into Autumn with the Right Color

September 10, 2013 12:00 pm0 comments

Fall is right around the corner and it’s time to start shopping for the new season. Autumn is all about getting comfortable and cozy as the temperature drops. And, as the leaves change color, so can you!

Fall is a great time to experiment with fashion and perhaps even change your overall style. It is never too late to start a trend or change your wardrobe. Do as the leaves do, and start by changing your color combination. Color is an important aspect of any outfit and this season, be on the lookout for some interesting hues. No one can ever be sure what colors will become popular, but the past is a good indicator of the future and I have some predictions.

Cobalt blue is a great transition color from summer to fall. Sometimes fall can bring out muted and deep colors but this shade of blue will make any outfit pop. Cobalt blue is a great accent color for accessorizing. I recommend finding a cobalt blue handbag, pair of shoes or maybe even a scarf to give your outfit an edge.

Another color that is on the rise is hunter green. Natural colors such as maroon and plum will also be popular for the fall. These colors are great for the fall because of the cozy aura they exude. Hunter green is great for bringing out green eyes. Maroon is a great feminine color that pairs nicely with a matching shade of nail polish or lipstick.

Last up is a color that I predict we will see a lot of: mustard yellow. This color was popular last year but I foresee it being just as trendy this fall as well. This color definitely makes a statement and, just as cobalt blue, should be executed simply and in moderation. These statement colors are great for accessorizing because they add a pop of brightness to an otherwise dull outfit. This season is an opportunity to discover who you are. What better way to do that than through your clothes?

Even if you don’t want to think so, people do judge others on how they look. Fortunately, fashion allows us to be ourselves and express ourselves however we want. With the right color, you can make a long-lasting impression and maybe even get the trend started. Don’t be afraid to take risks with your style and switch it up from time to time. Fashion can yield great confidence. No matter what, be proud of your clothing and style choices. Whether you are wearing blue, green or maroon, rock the color and make it your own!



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