Happy News #1

September 15, 2013 12:00 pm5 comments

Happy News:

I’d like to start off this week’s column with little motivation; motivation not to gain the “freshmen 15”. Last weekend, I learned what doctors do for patients that can’t use standard MRI machines because of their weight. They send them to SeaWorld. Sounds odd, right? They send them to SeaWorld because the MRI machines used there are able to accommodate their size. These same machines are used for whales. Yes, whales. These poor people need to wait in line behind Shamu. And apparently this happens a lot! I wonder if the doctors actually tell them they need to go to SeaWorld, or if they just hand them the address and let them figure it out on their own. So even if you gain the freshmen 15, you’ll probably still fit in an MRI. Just don’t gain the freshmen 500, okay?

On to the happy news! On September 26th 2013, astronaut Karen Nybers created the first toy that was ever made in space. . There have been many toys in space before, aboard various shuttles and stations, but this was the first toy to actually be constructed while in space. It was a small stuffed dinosaur made from various scraps found aboard the station. Nyberg, aside from being a flight engineer, is a dedicated crafter in her leisure time. She made the toy dinosaur for her son.

Costa Rica may have found a solution to their stray dog problem. Local animal shelters are inventing scientific classifications for the mixed breed dogs that they rescue. By generating names for these dogs, unique breeds of dog are coming into existence: fire-tailed border cocker and marbled english filamaraner are among two of the newest breeds to emerge. The Costa Rican shelters have written books, created posters and have their very own website, which is attracting public attention. The fortunate people who have adopted these dogs don’t hesitate to show them off, many of them posting pictures online and entering them into contests. These dogs, whom were once considered mutts, are now highly sought after.

A man born without arms has just learned to ride a bike thanks to a custom made bicycle he designed and built with the help of his friends. Michael Timble refused to let his disability get the best of him, so he created a bicycle that can be controlled by his shoulders. Since he was a child, his goal has been to be able to ride a bike. He was originally from Ukraine, near Chernobyl, which caused his birth defect. As a young man, he was adopted and currently lives in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Happy Facts:

Did you know that a full grown narwhal’s horn is about eight feet long? Or that that its front horn isn’t actually a horn at all, it’s a tooth? Did you even know that narwhals exist? They’re like unicorns, only they live in the sea and eat squids.It’s rumored that the famous astronomer, Tycho Brahe, had a false nose made of silver. He also may have had a pet moose. It sounds like he was a pretty wicked awesome guy.

Word of the Week (WOW):

Bibliophile – (noun) a lover of books.
After building three new shelves for all of her books, she realized that she may be a bibliophile.


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