Happy News #5 – It’s Cold, Bee Kind to Bees, and Octopus Penises

March 17, 2014 7:00 pm5 comments

Happy News

So we’ve been having some pretty strange weather lately.  Even a sweater weather lover like myself is 306% done with this snow!  And right now, it’s even worse than snow!  It’s nasty, mushy, cold, grayish crap covering all the outdoor surfaces!  Weirdly enough, this winter we have had more snow than Anchorage flipping Alaska.  Thank goodness Spring is only a hop, skip and a jump away!

On a Spring related note: recently, a group of people from Minnesota visited Home Depot dressed as bees.  I know what you’re all thinking. Of all the things to wear to Home Depot, bee costumes don’t seem all that practical.  Well, these thirty upstanding citizens were kindly asking Home Depot to stop selling bee-harming pesticides.  They made their protest on Valentine’s Day, asking everyone to show some love to the bees.  Bees are a necessary part of our ecosystem, and without them all living things would suffer.  If it takes families dressing their infants up as bumblebees to make pesticide companies understand that, so ‘bee’ it.

Happy Facts

This week’s facts pertain to cephalopods.  “Cephalopods are an ancient molluscan class of animals that include a diverse collection of more than 650 species of octopi, cuttlefish, squid and nautilus,” (iobis.org).  Cephalopods are especially awesome because they have close to super powers as we earth-bound creatures can possess.  They have the ability to change color, they are extremely squishy (so they can hide and sneak into very tiny spaces), they spray “ink at things that scare them,” and they have super vision, better vision than all other invertebrates.  Most cephalopods have very short life spans and live about 2 years maximum. To compensate for that, they grow terrifyingly fast. Like, increase their body weight by 10% a day fast.

On to some facts you may later wish you didn’t know!  Octopus mating is the weirdest thing ever.  So, the male octopi have this extra arm called the hectocotyllus, which is essentially their manly bits.  When he decides he wants to reproduce, he rips it off and throws it at a willing female who catches it and saves it for later.  She saves it until she lays some eggs and then spreads the sperm over them.  My advice is if you like a girl, don’t rip your penis off and throw it at her. She probably won’t want to have your babies after that.


Word of The Week

Whimsical – (adj); playfully quaint; fanciful.

After three weeks of snow, the evening flurry seemed dramatically less whimsical.


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