‘The Compass’ Launch Party Launches Ideas

April 21, 2014 11:32 am4,092 comments
Photo by: Jennifer Clark

Photo by: Jennifer Clark

By: Francesca Mayr

On Wednesday, Apr. 2, The Compass, Arcadia’s scholarly journal, officially launched after over a year of preparation by students and faculty.

The Compass is a peer-reviewed, student-directed, online forum for undergraduate academic work, absorbed by the Honors Program in 2012. With the leadership of Honors Program Co-Director Helene Klein and Associate Professor of English Kalenda Eaton, the Honors Program re-staffed and re-worked the Journal, making it more of a priority than it had ever been before by ensuring excellent work as well as an excellent format to showcase the work.

To celebrate the great accomplishment, The Compass hosted its launch party in the Beaver College Room in Landman Library where fruit, coffee, and cake were in no short supply. The Provost, advisers, writers, editors, and other interested parties congregated to view the journal and discuss new opportunities and approaches for the publication’s future.

The Provost’s first suggestion?  “Make sure you publish the acceptance rate.”  The journal is selective in the pieces it hosts; so, to make sure readers are aware of the caliber of work found therein, numbers will be published in the future.

Others discussed ways to gain visibility and ways to expand the publication to include submissions from more and more schools. In the last issue, Arcadia University and Rutgers University were represented. In the future, The Compass will publish work from multiple schools, hopefully across the globe, so it may better serve the academic community with Arcadia’s characteristic global flair.

Overall, the launch was a reflection of the journal. It was an open forum, designed to gather knowledge and wisdom so it may be of use. Like the launch party, The Compass serves as a place to cultivate scholarly community through the sharing of ideas and research.

Gabrielle Thomas, a founding and current editor of The Compass, said of her experience: “Revitalizing The Compass has certainly been a rewarding experience, not only for those involved but also for the Arcadia community. After months of preparation, including specialized training for the editorial board and constant networking with department chairs and students, we are so pleased to share our accomplishments with faculty and friends.  The Compass is dedicated to providing a medium that encourages intellectual discourse through the unique perspectives that our students have to offer. It is my hope that our readership continues to expand as more students submit to The Compass in upcoming semesters.”

To be a part of this scholarly community, submit work that is academic in nature to thecompass@arcadia.edu for review.


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