Halloween 2014: Costume Do’s and Dont’s

October 30, 2014 12:46 am18 comments
Photo: Flickr Creative Commons -- Stefan Schubert

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons — Stefan Schubert

As we all know, Halloween is just around the corner and the questions on everyone’s mind are: What is everyone going to dress as? What should I NOT dress as?

Worry not, my fellow Scarlet Knights, because I have the hottest do’s and don’ts for all of your Halloween-related festivities!

For the Ladies:

Do: Queen Elsa from Frozen.

Come on, who didn’t love Frozen? So far, Elsa is this year’s hottest costume for women and it’s actually not as hard to put together as you might think. Obviously you can hit up Party City or Ebay, but if you’re into the DIY scene, a light blue maxi dress and a platinum blonde braided wig will go a long way.

Don’t: Geisha.

Geishas are beautiful, and their traditional clothes are stunning, but please remember painting your face and wearing the clothes of a geisha when you’re not a part of that culture is appropriation. And that’s definitely a huge Halloween bummer.

Do: Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy.

This would also work as a cute couple’s costume (who doesn’t want to find their Star Lord, am I right?). Simply use green body paint, a pair of black leggings, a leather jacket, and a pair of black leather boots and you’re all set. You could even go that extra mile and purchase pink hair dye for the single pink streak she has.

Don’t: Native American Warrior.

Again, this is appropriation. If you’re not Native American, keep away from the bow and arrow set and the feather headdresses.

Do: Tina Belcher

You read it right: Tina from Bob’s Burgers. Our favorite friend-fiction writing, zombie-loving dancing queen is a super easy last minute costume. All you need is a light blue tee shirt, a navy skirt, a pair of knee high white socks (with a red stripe on top if you can find them) and a pair of chunky glasses. Throw in your best groan and voila!

Don’t: Sexy Matador:

This is a little ridiculous. Please do not be a sexy Matador, or any kind of Matador for that matter.


For the Guys:

Do: Star Lord.

Find a Gamora and make this a couple’s costume! Or if you’d rather fly solo, and aren’t into the Ebay scene, grab a leather jacket (preferably red and long), a pair of combat boots, a big set of headphones and an “I don’t care about anything except saving the universe” attitude. If you want to go that extra mile, get a small cardboard box and make Star Lord’s famous audio cassette player.

Don’t: Pimp.

Please, PLEASE, don’t dress up as a pimp for Halloween. Not only is it offensive, it’s just stupid. I can guarantee you’ll look like an idiot and you’ll end up as a Tumblr meme.

Do: Captain America or The Winter Soldier.

The Captain is a bit easier for those of us who aren’t the most creative/can’t afford a cosplay Captain America suit. You can do away with a shirt or sweatshirt with the Captain America logo on it, and pick up the shield for cheap on Ebay or Amazon (or you can make it out of cardboard!).

For the Winter Soldier, you’ll have to get creative. A black mouthpiece, completely black leather ensemble, black combat boots and, most importantly, a “metal” arm. You can do this either out of tin foil or cardboard; whatever you can get your hands on.

Don’t: Samurai Warrior.

Like the Geisha costume, this is a culture and a way of life for people. Not something to dress up in and play around with for fun.

Do: Schmidt and Jenko from 21 Jump Street.

Talk about a fun couple’s costume!

Don’t: The Borat green swimsuit.

You all know which one I’m talking about. No one, I repeat, NO ONE needs to see that at any point. Plus, come on, that stopped being funny five years ago.


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