Plus-Size Models Rock the Runway

October 21, 2014 7:00 pm40 comments
Photo: Flickr Creative Commons -- mafleen

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons — mafleen

Imagine you’re a little girl, and you have dreams of becoming a model in London Fashion Week.

Your doctor says you’re a little “big for your age,” but you’re not quite sure what that means. Now, imagine you see images of beautiful women at Fashion Week: all lean legs and dainty wrists, perfectly made up and wearing clothes that you couldn’t fit in two years ago. You feel a pang somewhere deep in your stomach—is “big” a bad thing?

Unfortunately, this is a reality for girls and women everywhere. The media has long been overrun by images of the “perfect” woman: tall and thin. There is nothing wrong with this perfect woman—but what about all the other perfect women? The first step to a world of body acceptance is positive representation, and the fashion industry is finally taking steps in the right direction.

London Fashion Week retailer Evans debuted a runway show for plus-size models, showcasing women in styles that flaunted rather than hid their bodies. The clothing line even included styles from top designers’ main collections.

Following the example of New York Fashion Week, which was held the week prior, this upward trend of plus-size runways has widely been regarded as revolutionary for the fashion industry and the media.

Body inclusion and body-positive representation are critical to the confidence of a society that relies so heavily on media consumption. High fashion, and certainly any type of advertisement, should not be “one size fits all.”

The next step? Ditch the term “plus-size.” The average American woman is a size 14. Why, then, is the average plus-size model a size 8? This skewed perception alone is enough to detrimentally affect the growth and confidence of women around the world. In truth, there is no such thing as “plus-size”—modeling is modeling, whatever the number on the tag, and perhaps one day we’ll reach the point where we don’t need a size descriptor on a beautiful woman.

Baby steps.


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