Get To Know The Wise Girl

November 13, 2014 11:35 am28 comments

This is it. The very beginning of The Tower’s first advice column. Isn’t it exciting? I realized a while ago that The Tower needed something a little different; something that involves you!

My initial idea for this column was to have people in Arcadia’s community ask questions about fashion, how to put outfits together, things of that sort. But then I realized that Arcadia’s an insanely fashion-savvy place, so the fashion scene doesn’t need a lot of my help. I also realized that people have questions about other things, like food, cleaning, boys, girls… everything. So, I thought to myself, “Why not create an advice column where any questions can be submitted and answered by me?”

Do you need to know how to tell your roommate to clean up their side of the room? Have a question on the best way to look presentable when you wake up 5 minutes before class? Or even want to know about where the boys are on campus (they are here, I promise.)? Ask whatever you heart desires and I will respond. But, be sure to check back at The Tower for your answer!

To submit a question, click here.


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