Single and Stylishly Obsessed: Greetings to all the Fashion Lovers

November 29, 2014 12:57 pm15 comments


Stop. Before you read this, look at yourself. What are your thoughts – aside from, “This girl is crazy”?

Seriously though, what do you think of what you are wearing or look like at this very moment? As I write this, I am in a t-shirt as old as the days of Myspace and a pair of comfy pants I like to call home, after I have eaten way too many slices of pizza from the dining hall. I’m not sure what you are sporting at this very moment. However, odds are you are donning something that is convenient, stylish, or maybe you are even eating ramen and sitting in your room in nothing but your favorite pajamas.

Either way (and getting to the point to this overly long intro), you are wearing whatever you want to … hopefully.

I could tell you that this fashion and lifestyle column will be all about me hammering you with what is “on trend” and “must have” at the moment, but the truth is: it’s not going to be like that at all. Sure, trends can be fun, and knowing what to buy is really useful for the shopping-impaired. However, I want to make this more about you finding your fashionable self in a natural and realistic way. After all, we are college students, which means three things to me: (1.) we are broke half of the time and would like to still shop while blatantly aware of our debt; (2.) when we aren’t sitting in a class, we would like to get dolled up but also be as comfortable as possible; and (3.) we don’t have time to do one or two because we are juggling internships, jobs, study time, relationship rendezvous for some (not me), and just trying to remember to breath rather than freak  out at the fact that we are now adults and everything is up to us. No pressure by the way.

“Single and Stylishly Obsessed” is a column that will showcase various topics from something as simple as ideas for how to remove midterm stress-induced pimples to outfit tips to impress that cute guy in your class. I will bring my knowledge of the fashion world and convey it to you in a relatable and sometimes awkwardly hilarious way. Basically, this isn’t your typical fashion column.

Of course, I will occasionally throw in some talk about life and relationships because mentioning the many types of coats you can wear in the fall can seem a bit boring after a while. Therefore, why not mention that you can also use one of those coats to catch the eye of George Clooney if you so happen to miraculously bump into him one day? (Wait. Isn’t he married now? Scratch that then.)

Before you give up on reading this, if you haven’t already, and decide to take your precious time to social media, here’s a little you should know about me. Yes, I am single, hence the title. I have a pet bunny whom I’m pretty sure is my soul mate. I break out in song like I am in a Disney film almost all of the time. And making pancakes at four in the morning is pretty much my favorite thing to do in the world. Okay, I lied. It’s my favorite in the galaxy. There is just something about eating yummy pancakes while binge watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix, that just makes all things right in my world. I mean galaxy.  I also love spontaneous adventures, run my own style blog, and have a dream of one day saving orangutans from possible extinction. Now that I am officially done giving random facts about myself like a profile (which I do not have), I will simply say I hope you continue reading in the future because the stylishly obsessed will sure love it. They are obsessed after all, so it would be hard not to.



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