Looking for Good Local Breakfast? Try Elcy’s Cafe

December 16, 2014 12:47 am14 comments
Elcy's Cafe is located by the Glenside Train Station.

Elcy’s Cafe is located by the Glenside Train Station

Elcy’s Cafe is a cozy little place right next to the Glenside train station and a short walk up the street from Arcadia University. It is not a franchise and all of their products are either homemade or locally grown. They sell all kinds of baked goods, sandwiches, pastries, and beverages. It is an ideal place for anyone, be it professionals looking for a quick bite before hopping on a train or college students who want a fresh cup of coffee and a warm, quiet place to study.

I am a sophomore at Arcadia and until very recently had never been to Elcy’s Cafe. I have always been aware of it in passing on my walks through Glenside or the times I have taken the train, but I never took the time to check it out. The fact that it opens and closes at odd hours may have also factored into that. However, anyone who chooses to give it a try will not regret it and will probably want to go back. Upon walking in the relatively small-looking building, I expected it to be much tinier inside and not very many options for food and beverages. I felt at home, greeted by personable and welcoming staff with such a wide range of choices.


From the outside Elcy’s looks like a little stone cottage, but upon walking in I found it to be a lot more spacious and homey than it appears at first glance. There are tables, pictures on the walls, and even an espresso machine, which the staff encouraged me to photograph.

The prices of their products appeared high for seemingly simplistic things such as coffee and pastries but this is understandable knowing that everything is homemade, fresh, and high quality. They serve baked goods fit for breakfast or snacking such as coffee cakes, muffins, and scones, as well as sandwiches, salads and soups. In addition to the many types of coffees there are all kinds of other drinks, available both hot and cold, such as hot chocolate, tea, chai, and smoothies. They sell packages of locally grown coffees and honeys as well. I purchased a hot chocolate and a piece of coffee cake, and they tasted spectacular.


Elcy’s is open as early as 5:45 AM on weekdays. If you have a hectic schedule requiring you to wake up early and you are looking for somewhere in the Glenside and Philly area to grab a quick yet delicious breakfast, Elcy’s may be just the place for you. With their convenient location at the train station and near Arcadia, enthusiastic staff, and most importantly, their wide range of menu options, Elcy’s Cafe is fantastic for breakfast and lunch.


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