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About The Tower

As Arcadia University’s official student news source, The Tower brings an objective yet distinctive view to the University community while empowering the collective student voice to report, discover and sound off on topics and issues both engaging and impactful.

The publication is completely revamped and wholly dedicated to providing the reader with informative, entertaining and relevant features and articles. This vision is driven by a hardworking staff that is dedicated to serving the best interests of the student body and enlightening all Arcadia University community members to news that matters.

Positions at The Tower:


Staff Writers are the main supplement of content to the newspaper. They are held to professional standards which including attending all meetings, observing deadlines, and working for two sections. Staff Writers in news cannot write for Opinion.

Photographers supply the paper with striking, relevant images for both the online and print version.

Videographers shoot and produce video content.

Copy Editors edit, fact-check, and review articles, and are integral to the professionalism of newspaper. 

Designers work on the layout of the website and newspaper, and create images and graphics that add to the newspaper.


Staff Writers in Opinion work solely in this section to craft original, fresh, in-depth critiques and analysis of the latest news and issues.

Columnists provide a continuous, maintained feed of posts surrounding topics that are pertain to and engage the Arcadia University community.

Editorial cartoonists and comic artists submit illustrations that provide commentary on college, politics, entertainment, and more.

How to Join The Tower 

Interested persons can request an application or ask any questions by emailing Applications contain all of the information regarding benefits and responsibilities pertaining to each position. Anyone may join the staff, and previous experience in writing is not required.


Why should I work for The Tower?
Joining The Tower provides the kind of relevant experience that is required for positions in writing and journalism. It helps staffers develop necessary writing and editing skills, and also introduces the rules and structures of professional publications. Staffers produce clips and hold positions that can be listed in any writing/photo portfolio or résumé.

Can I contribute to The Tower?
Yes! Contributors are writers that are not held to any deadlines. They may send in original pieces or answer The Tower’s Call for Contributors email, which lists all available pitches.

What is the time commitment of working for The Tower?
Most positions at The Tower can generally expect to be working on assignments on a weekly basis. Writing and Photography deadlines are given at least three days in advance to allow appropriate time for work (barring breaking news assignments). Videographers submit content on a contributor basis, which means they can submit their work whenever they choose, as long as the content is still relevant.

Can I write for News and Opinion?
We do not allow writers to work in News and Opinion. We have to maintain a fine line between Opinion/Editorial and News Writing. The two areas of writing are vastly different. News writing has a quicker demand and turnover time, while Opinion pieces must be more carefully crafted to ensure they are top quality.


Please email with any and all questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible!